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Martyr, Baba Deep Singh Ji
Baba Gurbakhsh Singh Shaheed (Martyr)
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When the tenth Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh was bestowing his perpetual bliss on the Sikh Sangat in Sri Anandpur Sahib, one day, a Sikh while reciting the holy verses of the Panj Granthi, the breviary of the Guru Granth, he made a mistake unknowingly, as he was reciting it with full devotion. On this, Bhai Daya Singh requested the Guru, "0 Great Lord! Cherisher of the poor and downtrodden 11 Please teach us the meaning of the holy scriptures (Gurbani) with your kind grace. It is not possible to pronounce it (Gurbani) correctly without knowing \ the meaning of the same."

The Guru would never refuse the request of the Sikhs, as he was very benevolent towards the Sikh Sangat. After fighting many battles with the enemy, when all the members of his family were sacrificed at the altar of the Sikh Panth, including his four sons, the tenth Guru came to Talwandi after pardoning the forty Sikhs at Muktsar Sahib. It was at this time that the Guru ordered the Sikhs, "Go to Dhir Ma! at Kartar Pur. The scripture created by the fifth Guru I Sri Guru Arjun Dev, has a few blank pages. They are meant for inclusion of the holy creations | (Bani) of the ninth Guru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur to it. The same may be included into the Granth and the meanings of the Granth will also be explained." But when Baba Deep Singh went to Dhir Mai alongwith 24 Sikhs, Dhir Mai said that if Sri Guru Gobind Singh is an embodiment of Sri Guru Nanak and Sri Guru Arjun Dev, why can't he dictate the Granth at his own ?

In order to disprove the sarcasm of Dhir Mai, Sri Guru Gobind Singh blessed Guru Ki Kanshi Takht Sri Damdama Sahib, Sabo Ki Talwandi and appointed Bhai Mani Singh as writer. Thus the tenth Guru recited the whole Granth with his holy tongue. The pen flew so eternally that Sri Jap fi Sahib, Rehras Sahib and up to Kirtan Sohila were written on the very first day. That very evening the Guru explained the meaning of the Bani (holy scripture). The whole Sangat enjoyed the perpetual benediction of the deep lying meanings; especially when they were told by the tenth Guru himself. That is how the writing, reading and meaning of the Gurbani began. The Guru would dictate the Bani in the very early morning and would explain the meaning to 48 Sikhs and a large congregation of the Sikh Sangat in the evening. The paper, ink and pens would be provided by Baba Deep Singh with perfect devotion. In that way the whole Guru Granth was dictated in 9 months and 9 days. It had begun on Katak Sudi Puranmashi ofSamvat 1762 and was completed on Sawan 23, 1763 Bikrami. The whole Granth was completed from wfo 'Athara Das Bees' including the immortal holy writing of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur. Thus the great Guru bestowed his benevolence on our posterity. Seeing this the whole Sangat and rest of the well wishers of the Guru were wonder-struck.

Alongwith the Sikh Sangat which had the privilege of listening the meaning of the holy Granth from the holy mouth of the tenth Guru, the 48 Gursikhs got eternal salvation. None was conscious of his mortal self. Seeing this, the Guru ordered Bhai Mani Singh not to renunciate everything, but on the other hand should continue the service of the Sangat as usual. "Whatsoever I have taught you, you must teach it to the Sangat. Your limbs and pints may be cut from your body, but the eternal knowledge you have acquired will remain."

Bhai Mani Singh was sent to Sri Amritsar to set up a Taksal of the meaning of Guru Granth Sahib, while Baba Deep Singh was ordered to start such a Taksal at Damdama Sahib. These two Taksals are still running side by side under the guidance of some possessed soul (Brahm Giani).

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