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It is very rare that such one is born
Who is the topic of household talk.

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa was born in 1947A.D. in village Rode Distt. Faridkot. The name of his father was Baba Joginder Singh and that of his mother was Mata Nihal Kaur. He is considered to be a great general, heart-throbbing of the Sikh youth, a prestigious personality, soul of the Panth and grand leader of Sikh nation. His father Baba Joginder Singh was a puran Gursikh who had unflinchable and unshakable faith in the home of Sri Guru Nanak.

Sant Jarnail Singh got himself baptized with the eternal nectar, the holy Amrit from the five beloveds (Panj Piaras) when he was hardly of 4 years and 9 months. He made it a target of his life that he will observe the daily routine of a true Sikh throughout his life. While ploughing his fields he would recite the Jap Ji Sahib 110 times and Panj Granthi. For eleven years he lived in his village and would recite the Nitnem along with tilling the land. Though he had very little conventional education, but his memory could surprise anybody. He learnt at heart Dakhni Onkar in one day, Sukhmani Sahib in 13 days, Sidh Gost in one day and Asa Di Var in 8 hours.

Sant Gurbachan Singh Khalsa went to village Rode as per his yearly scheduled visit, he took Jarnail Singh with him permanently. Baba Joginder Singh had seven sons. Thus Sant Jarnail Singh enjoined the Bhindranwala Jatha. He had his religious education from Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale and acquired the knowledge of ultimate reality. He was almost perfect in reading the Sri Guru Granth Sahib correctly, Sikh history and Sikh philosophy in one year only. He was married according to the Anand Karaj ceremony in 1966 A.D. with Bibi Pritam Kaur daughter of S. Sucha Singh of village Bilaspur. He was blessed with two sons; Ishar Singh in 1971 and Inderjit Singh in 1975 A.D. At the time when Sant Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa left for his heavenly abode, Baba Sant Jarnail Singh was entrusted with the service of Damdami Taksal. The present acting chief Sant Baba Thakur Singh himself adorned the ceremonial turban on his head. Afterwards Jathedar Bhai Man Singh of Takht Sri Patna Sahib adorned a sacred robe of honour on the head of Sant Jarnail Singh, as a mark of recognition by the Takht Sahib.

Taking into his hands the reign of Damdami Taksal, he started spreading the message of Sikhism with great zeal. For eight months he devoted most of his time in the villages of Punjab as well as cities and toured the states of Madhya Pardesh, Uttar Pardesh, Bombay, Calcutta and many other territories of the country and spread the message of the great Gurus. He was about to leave for his second tour when the false Nirankaris announced that they would hold a big procession in Amritsar city. The Sant accepted this challenge in the capacity of the saviour of the whole Panth. The government and non-Sikh organisations and saints started calling it fundamentalism and termed it as terrorism, but the Sant proved himself as a distinguished personality during these unwanted and unreasonable allegations and it added to the prestige of the Taksal.

After the partition of the country, when the false Nirankaris (Narakdharis) started indulging in anti-Sikh propaganda, it was the Damdami Taksal only, who took notice of

the same. It was as far back as in 1953 that the forerunners of the Taksal had smelt that false Nirankaris (Narakdharis) are distorting the teachings of the Gurus, putting before the people the wrong history of the Sikhs and were putting forward the Sikh religion, Sikh rituals in a ridiculous manner. In whole of that period, none tried to understand the feelings of the Sikhs, represented by the Damdami Taksal. About eighteen or nineteen years earlier, when some Harijans in Tamilnadu embraced Islam, there was a lot of hue and cry among the vast sections of the Hindus. There was a protest in the Parliament of India, why some Harijans have been converted to Islam ? Consequently, the organisation like Vishav Hindu Parishad and Vairat Hindu Sammelan were to be seen on the political forum of India, which are out and out communal. In India, the population of the Hindus is about 87% (which comes to 60 crore approximately). If a very few of them embrace Islam, it would be a very big danger to the Hindus. But the Sikhs are only 2% in whole of India. If a portion of them is led astray by some anti-Sikh wave, will it not create misgivings among the hearts of the Sikhs at large ? The decision to be made under the situation is not far to seek.

The danger posed by the false Nirankaris towards the Sikhism was brought to the notice of Sikh masses by the Damdami Taksal. Right from its inception Damdami Taksal has always tried to check the anti-Sikh propaganda. To check the anti-Sikh propaganda is not against other religions. In fact, it is just equivalent to the worry of the Hindus who get themselves alarmed when a handful of the Harijans embrace Islam. The main duty of the Damdami Taksal is to oppose the anti-Sikh movements that might have arisen from inside or outside the Sikhs, but it was never the endeavour of the Damdami Taksal to oppose any other religion.

The Sant came to know that in the procession of false Nirankaris, the head of that sect and his wife has been seated in a palanquin (palki) and an anti-Sikh propaganda is let loose. Certain people by the Sant and certain people of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha were sent to persuade the false Nirankaris, but they opened fire on these representatives of both the Sikh organisations and killed thirteen people. Many others were injured also. In spite of the fact that the Sikhs were peaceful, the Nirankaris resorted to violent means. In spite of this bloody episode the session of the false Nirankaris continued for three and half an hour. The government openly sided with the false Nirankaris.

The garden was irrigated with blood,
Somewhere the martyrs were sown like seeds.
If the flowers are not glowing now,
then what willbe the state of mind of the gardener.

The head of the false Nirankari (Narakdhari) sect was killed on 24th April 1980. The Sant was held responsible for this murder both by the false Nirankaris as well as by the government. Lala Jagat Narain was murdered on 9th September 1981 and arrest warrants of the Sant were issued in connection with that. The Sant courted his arrest in the presence of a huge congregation on 20th September. He was taken to various places and was asked questions of different nature. But no allegation could be proved against him and he was honourably released.

Thou will not be checked by the cruel time
If thou recogniseth thy honour O'my nation.

On 26th April 1982, a Morcha (an agitation) was started to achieve a status of the holy city for Sri Amritsar. Certain Sikhs of the Jatha and Bhai Amrik Singh were arrested. In order to get the innocent persons released, the Sant started the Dharm Yudh Morcha on 19th July 1982, which was owned by the Shiromani Akali Dal afterwards on 4th August 1982 A.D. They demanded that the morcha will continue till the demands put forward in the Anandpur Sahib Resolution are fulfilled. During the Dharm Yudh Morcha more than forty thousand Sikhs courted arrest in three months. The central government of Delhi was not agreeing to fulfil even one demand, not to talk of conceding to the Anandpur Sahib Resolution. In order to make the Morcha unsuccessful, the government started insinuating the Sikhs. The government started spreading false propaganda so as to malign the Sikhs. The government let loose a vicious propaganda against the Sikhs through the government- controlled media. It was propagated that the Sikhs wanted a further division of India and were against the Hindus. The Sikhs declared that they would tell to the representatives of the other countries on the eve of the Asian Games of November 1983, that how the justice was denied to them since 1947. The promises made with the Sikhs by the leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru before the independence were not fulfilled. Indira Gandhi gave the direction to Bhajan Lai that how the Sikhs should be treated during the Asian Games. Even former minister of central cabinet Swaran Singh, retired Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh and (retired) General Jagjit Singh Arora were ill-treated. It was fairly brought to the notice of the Sikhs that not only they were the third-rate citizens of the country, but they were the unwanted residents of this country. To add insult to the injury, central or state government, Hindu press and intellectuals kept mum on this whole episode. None of the congress Sikh ministers tendered his resignation. On these anti-Sikh actions of the government, Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale had to say that the Sikhs were slaves in this country. Now Indira Gandhi was perfectly assured that if the army action is taken on the Golden Temple or Sri Darbar Sahib, the Sikhs in the Congress will keep benevolent silence. The Akali Dal will also confine itself upto such declarations only that it will have dire consequences, the whole responsibility will be of the government. Certain prominent Sikhs has assured Indira Gandhi that Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale will get scared from the tanks and howitzers of the army and shall run away. Then they will also desert him. Many leaders, learned lawyers, philosophers, ambassadors etc. would have consultations with the Sant regarding the Morcha. He used to satisfy everybody, even a statesman like Dr. Subramaniam Swamy had to say, "If Sant Jarnail Singh is a terrorist, then I am also a terrorist."

The government was devoid of all the reasoning and rationality. It was out of government's utter frustration that whole Punjab was put under the control of the army.

When blood was needed in the garden
First of all my throat was cut.
Even then the owner of the garden says
The garden is ours not yours.

The nation for whose sake the ninth Guru had sacrificed himself in Delhi and 92% of the sacrifices were made by the Sikhs for the independence of the country, that Qaum or nation had attacked the Golden Temple, Sri Harmandir Sahib and Akal Takht on 1st June 1984 with tanks, cannons and with lakhs of army men, in return of the sacrifices. There was fierce fighting till 6th of June. The government of India felt on the advice of certain Sikhs that when the army enters the Golden Temple complex in order to finish the Dharm Yudh Morcha, the Sant and his colleagues would surrender with their faces down, the stories of the braveries oftheTaksal will come to an end. In 1983 one journalist wrote also that all of so-called stories of the braveries of the Sikhs will be proved to be merely a myth. The central government at Delhi was also certain that Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale would surrender easily. Which would be the moral defeat of the Sikhs and they would be crushed forever. Consequently the frustration that the Sikh community would face would finish their distinction and they would remain only Hindus with hair. Hence no one would raise the question of different identity of the Sikhs.

The Sant had realized the full situation in the month of March 1983 and was determined that what type of leadership he should provide at this critical juncture of the history, to the Sikh nation (Qaum) which should shatter the dreams of the enemies of the Sikh Panth and the reputation of Sikhism should touch the new heights. In the 'action blue star' and in the eyes of the whole world, the Sikhs were proved to be victorious and we do not come across any example of this type in the history. Baba Thahra Singh of DamdamiTaksal, BhaiAmrik Singh President All India Sikh Students' Federation, General Subeg Singh were martyred alongwith hundreds of Sikhs. The Sant agreed to the suggesion of the Sikh Sangat and went to some unknown place.

That day will also come, when we will be the ruler
The land and sky will be ours.
We will be merry making on the day
when the garden will be ours.

Sriman Sant Jarnail Singh Ji,

I want to solve the knotty problem of Punjab. We shall find a solution of the demands of Punjab with mutual talks, we will settle all your demands within the constitution. Taking into account my personal security, fix some time to meet me. Do not waste the potentiality of India in such agitations (Morchas). Any dispute can be resolved with mutual talks. You are patriotic, brave and hard working Punjabi. I hope you will make a significant contribution towards the construction and prosperity of India.

With thanks, Indira Gandhi
Prime Minister of India

Us kirpan khando kharg, tupak tabar ur tir.
Saifsarohi saithiyahai hamarepir.

(Sword, double-edged sword, bow and arrow are our guides or Gurus.)

The main servant of India from political angle, Bibi Indira Ji,

I am expressing my thoughts which will reach your deaf ears. My voice will reach to you expressing the discriminations against the Sikhs, which have injured their feelings. It may let your deaf ears feel, what type of language has been used. But in order to remove your deafness I want to express myself in this letter. Read it carefully.

The enquiry of the death of Lala Jagat Narain, who was connected with the Hindus, was completed within three days, the same may be proved from the warrants of my arrest, but the enquiry of the murder of the Guru of the Sikhs, the destruction of wealth of the Sikhs collected in the form of buses and the plunder of the Sikh wealth of three lakh at Chando Kalan was stopped with a writ of a government official because that enquiry was in the hands of a Sikh judge, while my case was registered with a Hindu judge. This is an example of your deafness, because no Sikh had objected why my enquiry was entrusted to a Hindu judge.

The dead body of Lala Jagat Narain who was connected with the majority Hindu community was handed over to Ramesh after post-mortem. But the dead bodies of about one and half a dozen Sikhs at Mehta Chowk in police firing were never handed over to their relatives. This is a clear example of discrimination.

None of the Hindus have gone to jail for Hindi Suba, none has courted arrest for renaming a train after the name of a Hindu temple. No one has ever gone to jail for getting the status of a sacred city for some Hindus Railway station. None of the Hindus have made any sacrifice for the preservation of a Hindu symbol. After independence they got everything that suited their religion.

But contrary to this, after independence more than one lakh of Sikhs have courted arrests and a large number of them has been martyred for Punjabi speaking state, for installing a transmitter in Golden Temple, for a status of a distinct nation, for getting the status of a sacred city for Amritsar and for getting the right to adorn the Sikh symbols. Even then your deaf ears have not heard anything.

Sikhs have already faced the cruelty of the rulers with peace, but you should know that when the patience is exhausted the Sikhs have resorted to the armaments according to the advice of Sri Guru Gobind Singh-

When all the means of peaceful solution are exhausted
It is just to resort to arms. (Zafar Nama)

But we have still no programme to resort to arms, but if the injustice with the Sikhs continues like this under the intoxication of chair (state of power) it will not be tolerated for many years or months, because our patience has exhausted as we have been observing the peaceful means since long. While asking the government to accede to our demands we have been propagating that a Hindu should be perfect in his religious symbols i.e. he should keep a tuft of hair unshorn on his head, should have a stick in his hand, should wear Dhoti, should wear a sacred thread, should have 12 saffron marks (on head, nose, chin, shoulders, cervix, palate etc.). He should read Geeta and worship Shivling. He should go to temple and ring the holy bells, and should not smoke tobacco. We think such a \ Hindu as our brother. A Muslim should be perfect in his religion and Sikh should be a perfect Sikh. That is what we preach. How far is it true to term such a person as a terrorist ?

Under the spell of false prestige of state power, many rulers have tried to finish the Sikhs and there is no sign of them now. If you continue your atrocities and tyranny I am afraid, you will meet the same end because power and wealth never remain permanently with anybody. Our holy scripture say :

The praise of wealth... does not compare God.
At long last people like Ravan went barefoot

Putting off clothes of Sikh girls and asking their fathers to have sex with them, to put tobacco in the mouth of a Sikh and spitting in his mouth, making a wound in the thigh and putting salt into the wound, putting the houses of the Sikhs on fire, making false cases on Sikh girls, arresting the Sikh students, killing them in false encounters, and protecting the murderers of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the chief minister, S.P. D.R. Bhatti, Ludhiana, D.I.G. Mangat Patiala and their companions are the glaring examples of ; deafness. Everything is told here in brief.

Let the time come I will tell in detail the discrimination meted out to the Sikhs.

Jarnail Singh Khalsa


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